Spare Parts

Spare Parts Winchester Garden Machinery
Spare Parts

Spare parts support will always go hand in hand with a good garden machinery dealer. At WGM we have always taken pride in supporting the products we retail and other popular manufacturers.

As well as spares counters in three of our locations, Sunningdale, Liss and our main hub Winchester we also offer on road parts support for our commercial forestry and contract customers giving them less machine down time and confidence in their machinery provider.

Good quality spare parts are always essential to maintaining a long life expectancy of your machine, because of that we will always endeavour to supply genuine parts direct from the manufacturer of your machinery. With well over two thousand lines of parts there is very little we can not supply the end user.

Like spares support, no garden machinery company can operate without workshop support. At WGM we employee over 27 technicians, two of which are mobile offering a quick professional service.With the change in weather patterns we are using our machinery a lot longer into the season than ever before. With this demand comes the requirement for service more than ever, because of this our workshop force is fully occupied throughout the year.

In each working bay you will find a technician specialising in his field such as two stroke engines, petrol engines and large commercial diesel engines fitted to chippers and groundscare machinery. Having this specialist team means we can take on all aspects of engine and machinery servicing. With the wide range of genuine spares available to us there is very little machinery we can not service.